District Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Commission 2022/3rd Term Meeting for Combating Violence Against Women was Held.

30.11.2022 04:07

In cooperation between Muş Malazgirt Family Social Services Directorate and institutions, "The 2022/3rd Term Meeting of the District Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Commission for Combating Violence Against Women was Held". See. With the participation of Uğur GÖK, various presentations and shows were held at the Malazgirt District Governorship Meeting Hall.

In the meeting, "Effective Campaign for the Promotion of the Women's Emergency Support (KADES) Application, Application of electronic handcuffs, Achieving the goals in the campaign against women, Implementation of preventive measures against perpetrators of violence, Opening a women's shelter, Promoting the legal support and victim services unit and raising awareness, Increasing the capacity of ŞÖNİMs, Increasing the Capacity of EGM and JGK's Units for Combating Violence Against Women, Convening Provincial Coordination, Monitoring and Evaluation Commissions of Domestic Violence and Combating Violence in Provinces and Districts More Frequent Meetings and Creating a Case Based Agenda in Related Meetings, Issues such as the Campaign in Combating Violence Against Violence and the dissemination of the Created Content were discussed.

On November 5, an event was held in the Manzikert Timeline Museum from 1071 to 2071 in order to raise social awareness on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

Our Deputy Director of the event, Lecturer. See. Uğur GÖK and Lecturer. See. Mustafa GÜLSÜN participated.